VH2 Ltd is a privately owned health company based in Bristol. We focus on the very best products for the very best results.

We developed Mendurance to tackle the slightly taboo subject of mens performance, when it became apparent to us that everyone needs a little leg up every now and then. After all, some things are better when they last a little longer, as our MD put it, it’s a marathon not a sprint..!

So the concept was born, to develop a food supplement that you could pop in your pocket, to act as your wingman when you need it. A little extra oomph if you will! It’s not a medicine, and it’s not meant to be. We didn’t develop this to take on the pharma giants, but we’re aiming this squarely at the man who just wants a boost from time to time.

We take our business very seriously, and we think you deserve to know that we source our ingredients from the very highest grades available, we pack our product in an MHRA audited facility and we can trace each and every batch of Mendurance back to the original source.

While we’re being serious, if you are looking for a medicine, or are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, please do swallow your pride and visit your GP. Mendurance is not for you, and hoping to find a miracle cure on the internet will not work. There may be underlying issues you need to take care of, so book an appointment sooner rather than later.

Please do enjoy Mendurance in the spirit is is intended. It’s a pocket rocket that puts some extra lead in your pencil and it’s available here, or in any of our stockists throughout the UK and Ireland.

If you would like to purchase wholesale quantities of Mendurance for your business, please get in touch via info@vh2.com and we will be delighted to help you.

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2 x 500mg capsules

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